Prizes and honors

2010 - Third prize Sculpture "La Marca del Olmo V". "Latinoamerican Art in the Bicentennials". Artists from Chile, Méjico and Argentina. Borges Cultural Centre. Bs As. Argentina .

2000 - First prize. Grand National Exhibition of Small Scale. Nucleo de Arte Gallery. Bs. As. Argentina.

1998 - Honor in Sculpture. "End - Of - Year Group Exhibition," Nucleo de Arte Gallery. Bs. As. Argentina.

1995 - Second Prize in Sculpture. National Exhibition of Ciudad De San Lorenzo. Santa Fe Province. 

- First Honor in Sculpture. Homage Exhibition to Ernesto "Che" Guevara. Recoleta Cultural Center.  Bs. As. Argentina.

- First Prize in Sculpture. IV Autumn Exhibition. Fine Artists Quinquela Group.Hurlingham.  Bs. As. Province. Argentina. 

- Honor in Sculpture. V Autumn Exhibition. Fundacion Banco Cooperativo de Caseros. Bs. As. Argentina.

1994 - First Prize in Sculpture. Opening Exhibition. Fine Artists Argentine Society.Bs. As. Argentina. 

- Special Honor in Sculpture. 38th Autumn San Fernando Exhibition. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

- Special Honor in Sculpture 1st August Exhibition, Fine Artists Argentine Society. 

- Honor in Sculpture. XIII National Exhibition Sixth of July.City of Campana. Buenos Aires. Argentina. 

- Second Prize. III Biennal of Fine Arts. University of Moron. Faculty of Architecture.  Buenos Aires. Argentina. 

- Grand Prize of Honor in Sculpture. V Exhibition End - Of -Year. Fine Artists Benito  Quinquela Society. Hurlingham. Bs. As. Argentina. 

1993 - Special Honor in Sculpture. Small Scale Group Exhibition. Fine Artists Independent Society.  Municipalidad 3 de Febrero. Bs. As. Argentina.

- First Honor in Sculpture. IV Group Exhibition End - Of - Year. Fine Arts Society Quinquela.  Hurlingham Bs, As. Argentina.